Free opportunity to un-suck your website

I know it’s not Monday, but my friend Catherine has a great free offer that will be over by Monday, so I’m breaking my posting convention to tell you about it.

Like it or not, your website is the public face of your organization.  It’s the first place  a lot of people will interact with you,  and for some it’s the only face they will ever see.   If it doesn’t reflect the best parts of you it will be hard for people to take you seriously.  That’s bad.

Catherine can help.  And until the end of the week, she can help for free.

Seriously, take her up on this.  She knows her tech stuff and she knows how to listen.  Most importantly, she is awesome and can help your website reflect your inner awesomeness.

When you take her up on the offer, tell her Maureen says hi!

4 thoughts on “Free opportunity to un-suck your website

  1. Maureen,

    thanks for all you do to get people started and onto better things with the internet… i am trying to learn and this is awesome…
    i forwarded your info to a friend who is attempting a website for her interior design and “care” business who is, like me, not a guru with computers.

    all the best…

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