Marketing Lessons from Strippers, Cheats and Puppets

I love musical theatre.

I’ve loved it my whole life (well, except for a couple of years in college when it was very NOT COOL for theatre majors to enjoy “popular theatre”) and have committed the librettos of many shows to heart.

Having lived with these shows as a part of my life for so long,  I was amazed to notice (since I started the Remarkable Marketing Blueprint), that many of  my favorite songs illustrate key marketing strategies!

So as a bit of a holiday break for the other musical theatre fans out there,  Marketing 101–the musical!


Unique Selling Proposition

If you want to have some fun with your marketing friends, start referring to their USP as a “gimmick”.  Be ready to duck.

Secret Info and Social Proof

The King and Duke in Big River make  yellow-highlighter marketers look like Mother Teresa, so I’m certainly not suggesting you follow their example on the “trick people into giving us money” front.

However, if you can look beyond their total lack of ethics, you’ll notice they do a brilliant job of making their prospects feel like insiders and use social proof beautifully.

Works Today, Flops Tomorrow

Life is a series of temporary conditions (that seem permanent at the time).  Beyond the personal value of going with the flow, good marketers realize what works today won’t work tomorrow.  Naomi at IttyBiz explains the same concept with cupcakes–but without the fabulous Avenue Q reference.

Your Turn

Do you see marketing strategies popping up in strange places?  Share your favorites in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Marketing Lessons from Strippers, Cheats and Puppets

  1. As one who was “born in a trunk,” I want to riff on and on with you and your fun post, but I don’t want to overwhelm you (since we’ve just met) so I’ll start with one:

    “Make your Buyers feel like you are speaking directly to them with a fated connection they won’t even question — they’ll just want more… the online equivalent of staring deep into their eyes…”
    “Some Enchanted Evening”

    I musta found this per a tweet from Sonia or some-such… it’s been bookmarked for a week and I’ll come back to poke around and get to know ya over the weekend — I like what I see so far ~ !

    See ya,

    • Ohh, good one. There is also a Forbidden Broadway song “Cameron Macintosh called “My Souvenir Things” all about the upsell: (to the tune of Sound of Music My Favorite Things)
      When the show flops, when the gross drops, when a week is slow
      I market in merchandise souvenir things and grosses don’t seem so low

      I couldn’t find a video so I had to leave it out of the original post.

  2. Just think what we could do with CABARET,
    PAJAMA GAME, and

    (PS: Your sub-to-comments look fab in email, unlike any of the other too-many sub-to-comments I see all day — is it a WP plug-in? Special coding? Witchcraft? Beautiful!)

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