Should your Nonprofit create an Ebook?

  • Do you have a particular world-view to share?
  • Are your supporters more likely to read a document they can print and save than a blog post?
  • Would you like to support your mission while also opening up an additional revenue stream?

If so, an eBook could be a great way to get your message off your website and into the hands of the people who will help you spread it.

I’ve not talked about eBooks much here because while they are very popular in the corners of the internet where we talk about content marketing, good content isn’t enough to make them popular.  In order for an ebook to help support your mission, it must have great content–plus a “book style” page layout and other design elements that make it easy on the eyes.  Until now, those extra design requirements meant eBooks were not  “low hanging fruit.”

Thanks to Kelly Kingman and Pamela Wilson, that is no longer the case.

Kelly and Pamela have teamed up to create eBook Evolution.  This tool-kit includes great ideas from Kelly about how to create and launch eBooks that get attention you need, as well as eBook templates from Pamela that are compatible with OpenOffice, a free program that works on both Mac and PC and is very like Microsoft Word.

EBook Evolution will be released June 13th and you can bet I’ll be in line to get my copy.

In addition to being experts in their respective fields, Kelly and Pamela are my friends, so if you have questions about Ebook Evolution and how it can help you spread your message, please leave a comment and I’ll ask them to stop by and answer.

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