Not Just for Nonprofits Anymore

Image by Camera Slayer via Flickr

Time to celebrate new directions

I started Low Hanging Fruit Communications with the goal of helping nonprofit leaders learn to use online communication tools to reach their right people with the right messages as quickly as possible.

I love that work, and I will continue to do it.  But as I’ve built stronger relationships with my right people I’ve noticed that while some of you are changing the world as part of a nonprofit, many of you are making your mark via different paths.  As a part of that reflection I’ve come to understand that my work is really about helping passionate people get their messages into the world–especially those who worry their voice is too small to make a difference.  

To that end, I’m shifting my focus a bit.  Instead of helping nonprofits figure out social media, I’ll focus my work on helping small voices with big messages start changing the world.

If you are really here for the social media and online communications tools and techniques, don’t panic–there will still be plenty of talk about that (especially in the newsletter).  The difference is those tools and tips will be complemented with more information and inspiration about how to get started, how to find your people, how to build momentum, and how to remain true to yourself and your vision throughout the whole process.

Sound like fun?

Showcase of Small Voices

To kick off the beginning of this new focus, I want to spend the summer highlighting the voices of people like you who are committed to making your world a bit brighter–no matter what your tax status.  Maybe you are balancing your writing with parenting, or clearing the dieting plantation.  Maybe you make it easier for others to share their knowledge on the internet, provide love and care for God’s children one orphan at a time,  or help people honor and learn from their resistance.  Maybe you are just getting started on a new phase of your life and want to share what you love with the world.

You might be doing your work through a nonprofit–as a volunteer or staff member.  Maybe, you are in the process of starting a nonprofit of your own. Maybe you have no intention of working in the nonprofit model, but have found a problem that needs fixing, or an opportunity that needs to be explored, and you know in your heart you are the person to take care of it.

You don’t have to have a website, be on Twitter, or have a mailing list to participate.  All you need is a story.

I’m Ready to Share!

I’m so glad to hear it– please let me hand you a virtual microphone.  Just send me an e-mail with your article (300-700 words) introducing you and your message to the Low Hanging Fruit community.  If you’ve got a photo you’d like me to use, send that as well.  The rate at which posts appear on the site will depend on how many submissions I receive, so if you want to make sure your post gets published soon, it’s best to send your piece early.  Need a bit more guidance?  E-mail me to set up a time to talk.  We’ll uncover your story together.

Can’t wait to hear your stories!

Not ready to submit a post, but still want help getting your message into the world?  I may be able to help.  Give me a call to explore how we can work together.

9 thoughts on “Not Just for Nonprofits Anymore

  1. Not only sounds like fun; it sounds like exactly what Mike & I could use right now!

    We’ve finally figured out our message, and more importantly, are ready to own it.

    Now we just need to get our message out there. As recent reminders have proven, not only is our point-of-view both important and needed, it’s very sadly in a minority at the mo’.

    So, rock on, Maureen! And we’ll be sending you an e-mail shortly! 🙂

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