An opportunity to work with Brené Brown

Edit:  Sorry, this opportunity is over 😦

One of the producers for Katie Couric’s new daytime show e-mailed me about Brené Brown’s upcoming appearance on the show and asked me to pass on this invitation to attend the taping in person.  For more information, about the segment visit

From the e-mail:

We are doing a show all on “Daring Greatly” with Brené and want to fill her audience with fans AND feature some fans as guests on the show to discuss ways they can possibly dare greatly for the first time with Brene’s help.

I was hoping that you could help spread the word to your followers that we are looking for fans of Brené that would like to, as Brené says, show up and be seen. Meaning, we are looking for women and men to dare greatly by being vulnerable on our show.

Specifically, the show’s producers are looking for fans to answer the following question:

What are you afraid to do that you’d love to find the courage to do?

Are you keeping a secret from a loved one because you are worried about how they will perceive you? Are you recently divorced or widowed and are worried about putting yourself on the line again to be open to more hurt? We all have something we are afraid of opening ourselves up to- things that make us feel like we are on a stage completely naked. We want to hear about what makes you feel naked. What would you love to find the courage to do or say if fear wasn’t holding you back?


2 thoughts on “An opportunity to work with Brené Brown

  1. seriously?! I am so excited about this and I’m jumping on it TODAY!!! thanks so much for posting the opportunity to work with such women as Katie Couric and Bren Brown. I live with Bi-polar II and blog about my experiences as a artist and woman living with mental illness.

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