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Happy Caine

Happy Caine (Photo credit: Leslie Kalohi /

I’m so enamored with the story of Caine and his arcade.  I love the imagination of it, I love how it has appealed to the innate generosity in so many people world-wide.  I love that it has inspired a renaissance of creative, hands-on play in kids of all ages.

Nirvan Mullick

Nirvan Mullick (Photo credit: the1secondfilm)

But today, I want to focus on a different part of the story.  Today I want to talk about Nirvan Mullick.

Just over a year ago Nirvan needed a new door handle for his ’96 Corolla and went to a used auto parts store in East LA to find it.  When he got there, he met Caine, saw his cardboard arcade and bought a fun pass.

He bought a fun pass.

Remember, he didn’t know Caine, he didn’t know he was Caine’s first customer, he’d didn’t even know he would make a film that would change the course of Caine’s life (and his own) he just saw something cool decided to play.

Be like Nirvan

Before the media attention, before the flash mob, before the money and the Imagination Foundation, one man took time out of his day to notice something novel, and instead of succumbing to  busyness he stopped to explore.

Caine is a special kid, but there are special kids (and adults) doing amazingly creative things all around you–most of them just haven’t had their YouTube debut.

What might happen if the next time you noticed something cool happening in your neighborhood–or in your living room–you spent less time worrying about your schedule, or the mess, and instead decided to “buy the fun pass”?

Need More Inspiration?

How about participating in the Global Cardboard Challenge?

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