The Not-so Lonely Life of the Solopreneur

In honor of the re-opening of the LHF Greenhouse, I’m re-sharing this post from last January about the importance of community–even when you work alone.  Enjoy!

my office assistant is cute but not helpful

Like many people who run a home-based business, I do most of my work alone in my office save for an office assistant whose main contribution is to sit on the Caps Lock key.  As a person who thrives on the company of others–and who needs the input and perspective only other people can provide to do my best work– one might assume this arrangement is a recipe for disaster.

Actually, it would be, save for one very important technological advancement:  the Internet. Continue reading

It’s my Birthday!

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

It’s my Birthday!

That means cake and balloons* for me, but I mention it here because it also means today is the last day to get a discount on your LHF Greenhouse membership.

If you have a project that is stalled, or long for a community of visionary people to help you figure out how to find and do the work you are called to do, I hope you will join us.

Click here for the full invitation, or here to skip straight to the membership levels.

Hope to see you inside!

*Well virtual ones at least.

It’s Time to Start Shining Your Light

I am surrounded by people (especially women) who have so much to offer the world.  They are amazingly dedicated, talented, generous and kind.

Many of them are also almost completely blind to their own brilliance.

Because of that blind spot, they choose to play small, to sit in the shadows, and teach themselves, day by day, to ignore their dreams.

That madness must end.

The world needs the dedicated, talented, generous, and kind among us to stand up and be counted– to be ready and willing to do what only we can do to make the world a little more beautiful, a little more safe, and a little more free.

That’s why I created the LHF Greenhouse.

The greenhouse first opened last January.  Since then the site’s pioneers and I have been working together to create an online community for people ready to recognize their own awesomeness and start using it to change the world (or at least a corner of it.)

Now, we are ready for you to join us.

How you can help

If you are reading this, chances are good you have untapped awesomeness that the greenhouse could help you access.  I hope you will choose to join us.

That having been said, it’s probably going to be easier to identify your friends and colleagues who could use to have their amazingness reflected back at them.

Do you have a friend in mind?  Will you please make sure she sees this post and knows that she is personally invited to join us inside?

Here’s the invitation:  You are invited to join the LHF Greenhouse!

Can’t wait to see you all inside!

3 Keys to Unlocking Your Best Ideas

Don’t forget–the LHF Greenhouse closes to new members on Sunday.  If you need a place to grow some of the new ideas you are about to discover, join us inside!

English: A warded lock. Français : Une serrure... Over the last six months, first as part of the summer of small voices series, and more recently as I’ve been sharing the LHF Greenhouse invitation I’ve noticed a  disturbing trend–a large number of you believe “you don’t have any ideas.”

This worries me because we need people like you–and the ideas that come from your smart, kind, generous, and determined souls– to create a future for our universe that is brighter than our past.

I’m also highly suspicious.   I suppose there might be some people in the world who are genuinely idea-free.  But they don’t feel the longing you feel to make the world a better place.  That longing is a sure sign of blocked ideas trying to get your attention.

Let’s see what we can do to let them out. Continue reading

Getting Ready for the Artist’s Way: a sneak peek into the LHF Greenhouse

English: A sprout in a lightbulb.

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I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m very excited about the LHF Greenhouse, and want to make sure everyone who can benefit from becoming a member has the information they need to make a decision about joining.

So when my engineer boyfriend pointed out the invitation page does a great job of explaining what the greenhouse will feel like, but not such a great job outlining the “what exactly will we be doing” part, I was a little worried.

I tried to write a post to fill in that information gap.  I thought about making a list of the books we would read, and the sort of assignments we’d do.  I tried to create a calendar of events, and to share a schedule for group conversations.

Luckily for both of us I gave up on that post.  Not only was it really, really boring–it wasn’t very accurate.  There is not a good way to tell you what the LHF Greenhouse will be like for the first group of members because we’ll be discovering what works and what doesn’t as we go along.  Which is all well and good, but isn’t very helpful if you are trying to decide if you should join.

Since I can’t really tell you what to expect inside, I decided to show you. Continue reading