Special Offer

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As part of my commitment to helping you clean-up your to-do list, I’m taking on short-term writing assignments.

Here’s the Deal

For $100 each, I will write your blog posts, newsletter articles, end of the year thank-you notes, Christmas cards, etc.  As long as the final piece is less than 750 words, and you can give me the basic gist of what you need over the phone or in an e-mail, it’s fair game.

The only catch is I can only do ten of these projects, and I can only do them in December.

These slots could go fast, so if you know you want one, click reply now to   let me know.  I’ll save your spot and we’ll get to work on the details.

Why only 10 slots?

I’m squeezing this work in around other projects because I want you to be able to spend December focused on making next year great.

Unfortunately, my time is limited too and I need to make sure I can give each assignment the time and space it deserves.  Plus, I want to leave time to do my own planning for 2011. 10 slots honors both goals.

Don’t wait  Contact me to start crossing projects off your list today.

3 thoughts on “Special Offer

  1. Have so many needs, I’ll need to think about which I want to put your expetise to work on. But I wanted to reserve my spot now!


    Thanks a lot, I always learn from your posts. Even if it is just the affirmation that I am on the right track….


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