Do you Believe?



photo credit: Two Ladies & Two Cats on flickr


In your organization’s mission I mean?

Do you believe your stated goals are actually possible?

Do you believe when you get “there” the world will be a better place?

If not, why keep doing it?

If you do believe your cause is worth the time, energy and money you’ve invested, what keeps you from inviting others to invest (or donate) with you?

  • Is it a fear of “Shameless Self Promotion“?
  • Do you approach fundrasing as begging rather than gaining investors?
  • Do you lack the tools or experience to attract your “right people“?
  • Is it something I’ve not thought of here? (If so, I hope you’ll mention it in the comments!)

There is nothing I can do about lack of conviction.  If, however, you do believe, but you just can’t see the path, contact me or share  your dilemma in the comments.   We’ll see if we can’t find your right flashlight together.