A Free Donor Management Database that works?

The goal of Low Hanging Fruit is to help you find simple, affordable solutions to the problems that stand between you and fulfilling your mission.  I am especially happy when I can recommended free solutions that really work–unfortunately, as Pamela Grow is fond of pointing out, sometimes the free solution means you get what you pay for.

Until recently, most free donor databases fell into the “you get what you pay for” category.

Most databases optimized for fundraising purposes are really expensive, difficult to learn, or both.   There are some free options, but they often have limited capability and, unless one is willing to delete donor records, most free solutions will only get you so far.

Through the Salesforce Foundation, non-profits have free access to the company’s commercial product – which is certainly robust enough to handle the needs of most non-profits – but because it was designed for sales teams, translating it for use in non-profit situations can be difficult.

Now, thanks to a partnership with Click & Pledge, that’s no longer the case.  Click Here to read the rest at Handshake 2.0 Continue reading