How Do You Spend Your Cognitive Surplus?

I love serendipity.

Now that the weather is getting warmer I’ve been thinking about last year’s Summer of Small Voices.  I knew I wanted to host another showcase this summer but was having a hard time coming up with a theme.

Then, while working on a lesson for the LHF Greenhouse, I stumbled upon this TED Talk from 2010.

Clay provides several great examples of cognitive surplus in his speech and he got me thinking:  sure there are examples of people working together on big projects to impress their friends and improve their communities; but for every Wikipedia there must be countless people with amazing ideas who need a little money, a little help, or a little encouragement to turn that idea into something more than a hobby.

This summer, I’m dedicating the Low Hanging Fruit blog to helping those people (read:  you) find the “little something” they need get moving. Continue reading