Choosing to Live in Color

This week’s summer showcase post is from my friend and LHF Greenhouse member, Jade.   In addition to being generally awesome, Jade blogs at the Madness of Monotony and recently had a piece about creative uses of snap-pops featured on Freshly Pressed.

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Do make time for regular trips to Oz?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There was a time when my life was overflowing with creativity. Not simply my own, but everyone around me. Writers, artists, actors, musicians, songwriters, designers … I couldn’t throw a paper airplane without hitting someone whose talent filled the space. My spare time was filled with art shows, community theatre in all its forms, or performances of local musicians.

At the time, I didn’t realize how unusual my life was, or how fortunate I was to be surrounded by so many incredibly talented people. I didn’t realize that most people’s reality was so much more … mundane. I know that may sound judgmental, and I truly don’t mean for it to, but it’s like seeing the Wizard of Oz and going from Technicolor back to Kansas in plain old black and white.

Sure, I worked, but it was secondary to everything else. My job didn’t interfere.

Until it did. Continue reading

When Your Brain Goes on Strike

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There are two types of creative people.  Some are in a state of flow.  For them ideas and inspiration come easily.   Creations seem to will themselves into being with little or no effort from the creator.

For other creative people the road is much rockier.  No matter how hard they work, they can’t seem to produce much of anything.  They strain and toil and at the end of the day (which seemed to stretch on for weeks) they have little or nothing to show for it.

Actually, I lied.

There is only one kind of creative person and she experiences both creative conditions.

When you are in the flow state all is right with the world.  Also, you probably aren’t online looking for articles about how to restart your creativity, so let’s talk about what to do when all of your ideas suck and don’t know what to do about it. Continue reading

3 Keys to Unlocking Your Best Ideas

Don’t forget–the LHF Greenhouse closes to new members on Sunday.  If you need a place to grow some of the new ideas you are about to discover, join us inside!

English: A warded lock. Français : Une serrure... Over the last six months, first as part of the summer of small voices series, and more recently as I’ve been sharing the LHF Greenhouse invitation I’ve noticed a  disturbing trend–a large number of you believe “you don’t have any ideas.”

This worries me because we need people like you–and the ideas that come from your smart, kind, generous, and determined souls– to create a future for our universe that is brighter than our past.

I’m also highly suspicious.   I suppose there might be some people in the world who are genuinely idea-free.  But they don’t feel the longing you feel to make the world a better place.  That longing is a sure sign of blocked ideas trying to get your attention.

Let’s see what we can do to let them out. Continue reading

Getting Ready for the Artist’s Way: a sneak peek into the LHF Greenhouse

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I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m very excited about the LHF Greenhouse, and want to make sure everyone who can benefit from becoming a member has the information they need to make a decision about joining.

So when my engineer boyfriend pointed out the invitation page does a great job of explaining what the greenhouse will feel like, but not such a great job outlining the “what exactly will we be doing” part, I was a little worried.

I tried to write a post to fill in that information gap.  I thought about making a list of the books we would read, and the sort of assignments we’d do.  I tried to create a calendar of events, and to share a schedule for group conversations.

Luckily for both of us I gave up on that post.  Not only was it really, really boring–it wasn’t very accurate.  There is not a good way to tell you what the LHF Greenhouse will be like for the first group of members because we’ll be discovering what works and what doesn’t as we go along.  Which is all well and good, but isn’t very helpful if you are trying to decide if you should join.

Since I can’t really tell you what to expect inside, I decided to show you. Continue reading

Hiking Your Creative Path

visual representation of my creative path

One of the best parts about owning a business called “Low Hanging Fruit Communications” is I get to work with people and organizations who are just starting out.  People at the beginning of their journey are optimistic, joyful, and vibrant.  Often they put off so much positive energy it’s possible to start feeling more hopeful just by standing next to them.  It’s a joy.

Eventually, that first burst of enthusiasm and inspiration wears off and fear and doubt seep in.  Plans that seemed obvious now are riddled with difficulty.  The money doesn’t flow.  No one seems to “get” what you are trying to accomplish.  It’s here that most people start to worry that they’ve “wandered off the path”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Continue reading