Discovering Your Cognitive Surplus

This summer, I’m turning the Low Hanging Fruit blog over to you.

The only potential downside of this plan is between now and May 30th I need to help you (yes, you personally) see that

  1. you have a valuable  story to contribute, and
  2. you are brave enough to share it.

We should talk!

The easiest way to do that is if you would be so kind as to get in touch with me.  Then, we can talk about you and the amazing impact you are making in your corner of the world and develop a plan for how you can best share that on the internet.  If you are ready to talk, click the link below to schedule a 30 minute chat with me.

I’m ready to chat!

Too Soon?

If the idea of  talking to me one-on-one about the amazing things you are doing kinda makes you want to throw up,  that’s ok.

While I promise I will be absolutely, completely gentle with you– I get how scary it is to put yourself out there–especially the first time.

Would it be easier to talk to me about what your kids are doing? Or what your neighbor is doing?  Or to write a post, take a photo, or make a movie about people who inspire you?

If that’s the case,  I want to hear about it.  Click here to schedule some time to tell me about the amazing people you know.

More Inspiration

I love everything about the story of Caine’s Arcade.  I love how devoted Caine is.  I love how much support he gets from his Dad.  I love the filmmaker who maintained his relationship with his own inner child well enough to recognize genius when he saw it.

Is there a Caine in your world who has something important to teach us?

Tell me about it

How Do You Spend Your Cognitive Surplus?

I love serendipity.

Now that the weather is getting warmer I’ve been thinking about last year’s Summer of Small Voices.  I knew I wanted to host another showcase this summer but was having a hard time coming up with a theme.

Then, while working on a lesson for the LHF Greenhouse, I stumbled upon this TED Talk from 2010.

Clay provides several great examples of cognitive surplus in his speech and he got me thinking:  sure there are examples of people working together on big projects to impress their friends and improve their communities; but for every Wikipedia there must be countless people with amazing ideas who need a little money, a little help, or a little encouragement to turn that idea into something more than a hobby.

This summer, I’m dedicating the Low Hanging Fruit blog to helping those people (read:  you) find the “little something” they need get moving. Continue reading

Not Just for Nonprofits Anymore

Image by Camera Slayer via Flickr

Time to celebrate new directions

I started Low Hanging Fruit Communications with the goal of helping nonprofit leaders learn to use online communication tools to reach their right people with the right messages as quickly as possible.

I love that work, and I will continue to do it.  But as I’ve built stronger relationships with my right people I’ve noticed that while some of you are changing the world as part of a nonprofit, many of you are making your mark via different paths.  As a part of that reflection I’ve come to understand that my work is really about helping passionate people get their messages into the world–especially those who worry their voice is too small to make a difference.   Continue reading