In Social Media, Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

Tropical Hinchinbrook Island from Cardwell, no...

A lovely example of somewhere I did not go this week

Some of you may have noticed this post is late.

It’s not because I’ve been vacationing on a tropical island. In fact, I spend more time on this week’s blog post than I have in quite some time.

The idea was a good one– Why blogging is awesome and more nonprofits should do it.

I’ve never written about blogging here so it’s definitely not an over-done topic, and it’s useful because blogs are an under-utilized resource for most nonprofits*.

Should have been a slam-dunk.

And yet, after 16 or so hours of writing, rewriting and maybe a bit of pouting, I still didn’t have anything worth publishing.

For reasons that are not yet clear to me this seemingly easy post was just NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN. Continue reading