Be the Snowflake: Breaking the Culture of Candy

I’m so excited to share the first post in our Summer Showcase of “small voices” with “Big Messages.”  Our first contributor, Melanie Mason-Conrad is a college professor and mother of two living in Georgia.  Her passion is the health of our children, and her battle is with candy.  To hear more from Melanie, please visit her blog, Be the Snowflake. 

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Breaking the Culture of Candy

Today my sons’ school sent home a note about preparations for Field Day (For my Yankee friends, Field Day is a day in which the kids get to spend the day playing games and having fun on the playground). I read the note and blew a gasket. As part of the preparation they requested that parents send in items to sell at the concession stand. The items requested include Airheads, Starburst, Ring Pops, and Pixy Stix. Ironically, the note was sent from the Physical Education teacher who is charged with helping keep our kids healthy. Don’t get me wrong. I am not blaming him. He does an awesome job organizing this event and getting the students excited about physical activity. He is simply carrying on a tradition that the school has maintained for many years by selling candy at Field Day. But I also realized it is not just Field Day at which my children are offered candy at school. It is all the time. We have created at my children’s school, and I am sure many others, a culture of candy. If we are serious about combating the epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes we all need to be the snowflake in the avalanche that puts an end to the culture of candy. Continue reading