Why I Mentor

I’m excited to have a repeat poster for this week’s summer showcase story.  You might remember Daryk from her “In your face, Lucy” post from last summer.

If, like me you find her posts to be both hysterically funny, and surprisingly poignant, you’ll also be happy to know you can now follow her on a semi-regular* basis over at her new blog, Mylifesweird.

being a mentor means having this much fun at the drive-in

I never thought of myself as a mentor and frankly, I think many of the lessons I have to offer today’s youth are a bit sketchy.  Sometimes though, you just meet a kid who is so awesome you think, OMG this kid had better succeed in life because wow, what a cool kid.

That’s what happened to me and is why I became a mentor.  I’ve been involved in a mentoring program for going on 2 years now and I must say, it has been a great experience and one I highly recommend for anyone who isn’t a pedophile, criminal, rapist, stalker, or otherwise creepy person.  If you, like me, are just kind of awesome and enjoy having an excuse to go out and do things, seriously, become a mentor. Continue reading