Big Voices Start Small

Photograph of Rosa Parks with Dr. Martin Luthe...

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The weather is turning cooler in the northern hemisphere which means it’s time to bring our summer of small voices series to an end.  I am so grateful to everyone who shared their story and hope you were as inspired by their stories as I was.  

If, through out this series you ever found yourself saying “I could never do that,”  today’s final guest post by Susan Johnstone is for you.

In the story we usually hear about Rosa Parks, she was an ordinary black woman in Alabama who just tapped in to a well of courage one day and turned the United States upside down by refusing to be segregated according to law.

This is something most of us feel we could never do. We’re sure we just don’t have that kind of deep courage or conviction.

Well Rosa Parks didn’t either – at least not when she started. Continue reading