Rethinking Donor Thank You Gifts

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You love your donors, right?  You can’t do your work without their support and you want to make sure they know it.  It’s only natural that you’d like to show your appreciation in a tangible way.

The spirit of that desire is absolutely appropriate, and yet. . .

Will you ever use all the address labels you’ve been sent by nonprofit organizations hoping to woo you onto their donor list?  Do you need the pocket change some organizations send trying to guilt you into a gift?

Even when the gifts are not total crap–do they do what they are meant to do?  Does your collection of $100 tote bags make you feel like an NPR insider?

I didn’t think so. Continue reading

Social Media Success Series: Take Advantage of Selfishness

How we all secretly feel we ought to be treated

How we all secretly feel we ought to be treated

This post is part of a series.  Catch up on other secrets to social media success here.

People are selfish.

Even the amazingly generous people who give their time and treasure to help support your cause are fundamentally selfish.

You and I?  Absolutely selfish.

Ironically, this constant in human nature can actually help you and your organization attract more attention online and ultimately create more good in the world–you just have to know how to harness it. Continue reading

Adventures in Fundraising: Just Do It!

To-do list book.

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Like pretty much every other nonprofit out there, Mach 30 launched a year-end fundraising campaign.  Unlike other organizations, this campaign is not a part of our fundraising plan.

Because we don’t have a fundraising plan.

We meant to have a fundraising plan.  We started to work on one.  And yet, as sometimes happens with all volunteer organizations, the actual planning fell through the cracks.

It was starting to look like we’d just have to put off our fundraising until after the new year.  Luckily for us, one of our board members got impatient (in the good way). Continue reading

Stories From the Field: When Rose Blooms

I received the following letter and story from Megan Kadrmas, a volunteer with the God’s Child Project in Antiqua Guatemala this morning.  I’m sharing it with you for three reasons.   First, Low Hanging Fruit is a community for nonprofit practitioners.  Hearing from each other is essential to building a community bond.  Second, Megan tells a compelling story that should be heard–both as an example of good storytelling, and because of its intrinsic value.  Finally, I have an especially soft spot in my heart for little girls, so if I am able to help even one little Rose by letting Megan tell her story, I’ve had a good day. –Maureen

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