The Problem with “Busy”

If this image could represent your brain, you may have a busy problem

Image by Daniel Morris via Flickr

We have a great infatuation with busyness in western culture.  Calling someone “busy” is one of the highest complements we pay (If you want something done, ask a busy person);  it’s also a rock solid excuse for saying no to things you don’t want to do. (Oh, I’d love to help you but I’m just so busy!) In fact, “Busy” is such a popular state, it has replaced “fine” as the standard response to the question “How are you?”

I’m Not Saying Busyness is All Bad

It provides a great adreniline rush. It is incredibly satisfying to look back on a full day and feel  like you’ve really earned your TV or rest-time.   Then there is that deep sense of satisfaction that comes from a completed to-do list.

It’s no wonder so many of us are addicted to the rush of too much to do in too little time. Continue reading

Take the Snow Day

Snow bank with mailbox showing in south Grand ...

Even grownups need to play in the snow sometimes

Almost every business and school in the city of Dayton is closed today.  In fact, based on the size of this storm, I’m guessing businesses and schools in wide swaths of the country are closed today.

There was a time when weather like this meant we all took a break.  It was impossible to get to work, the kids had nowhere to go, and so we all stayed home and enjoyed an unexpected holiday.

Of course, thanks to the internet, lots of us no longer have to leave our homes to be productive.  When you can do almost as much from your desk at home as you can from the office, the grown-up choice seems to be to carry on as usual.

But what if you didn’t? Continue reading