Shop Your Wardrobe: Breaking the Bind of Unconscious Shopping

By Jill Chivers

Thank you Maureen for creating this virtual stage and handing me a virtual microphone! I love your small voices – big message initiative!

My name is Jill Chivers and my big message is that life is to be lived – not spent. If you have a problem with overshopping, over charging and overlooking what life is really about because you have an addiction or compulsion to shop – there is a way out.

In December 2009, I started an extreme challenge – to have a “year without clothes shopping.”  A year where I didn’t buy any clothes, shoes, handbags, earrings, belts, in fact no new adornments for the body at all. This was an extreme challenge for me because I had had a sudden jolt of awareness that my shopping had started to spiral out of control. I was spending far too much money on stuff I didn’t need, and I wasn’t using all the gear I already had. Continue reading