It’s my Birthday!

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It’s my Birthday!

That means cake and balloons* for me, but I mention it here because it also means today is the last day to get a discount on your LHF Greenhouse membership.

If you have a project that is stalled, or long for a community of visionary people to help you figure out how to find and do the work you are called to do, I hope you will join us.

Click here for the full invitation, or here to skip straight to the membership levels.

Hope to see you inside!

*Well virtual ones at least.

I’m still here. . .

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I’ve spent most of the last two weeks taking care of sick people, or being sick myself–which is not super conducive to writing new blog posts.

I’m starting to feel a little better so new material will be coming soon– in the meantime, this snow day post from last year is a great reminder that rest is not a luxury. If you are a human, your body and mind need down time. You can choose to take that time when you feel well and enjoy it, or you can wait until your body goes on strike. Totally up to you.

The Wait Is Over

photo credit: flickr user Marvin Kuo

The wait is over.

After six month’s of hints and vague references,  I’m done beating around the bush regarding “the new thing I’ll be unveiling soon.”  Today is the day I tell you what it is.

I’m creating a new online community called the Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) Greenhouse where people with creative, world-changing* ideas will connect with like-minded people and grow their dreams together.

Click here to view your invitation to the LHF Greenhouse.

Watch this space for future blog posts about the greenhouse and how it can help you get where you are going.

In the meantime, I wish you a joyous and peaceful holiday season, and am looking forward to our time together in 2012!

*ideas that change your corner of the world totally count.