Project Management

Do you have potentially world-changing ideas–that you never seem to move past the “wouldn’t it be cool if. . .” stage?

Do you have a clear vision of the future you’d like to create but no idea of how to get from here to there?

Do you love to start projects–but lose interest once the details get complicated?

You need a project manager.

Are you the leader of an all volunteer organization filled with people who are passionate about your cause–but can’t seem to get the traction they need to move forward?

Do you have a team of people who seem to have everything they need to do their work–and yet can’t seem to find a way to collaborate?

Are you about to start a new program or project and want to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible?

You need a project manager.

Are you trying to plan a family vacation but can’t seem to get the schedules, budgets, and location preferences of everyone to align?

Do you feel like you are overwhelmingly busy all the time–and yet feel like you’ve accomplished nothing at the end of the day?

You need a project manager (or, a mom).

You may not know you need a project manager because the title isn’t widely used outside of technical fields and consulting organizations–but that’s just terminology.

Events are projects. Writing and submitting a grant proposal is a project. Whatever you promised to do in the grant you just submitted is probably a project. Anyone who has ever applied  for nonprofit status will agree–THAT is a project.

Even if you don’t work in nonprofits, you have projects. Are you planning a shared vacation for more than two adults who don’t reside in the same household? You’ve got a project. Are you launching a new product? That’s a project.

Any time you work with more than one person to complete a specific task, or set of tasks, in a designated time frame in order to achieve a specific goal, you’ve got a project.

I can help make sure your project is successful.

8 reasons to hire me to manage your projects

  1. I have 10 years experience managing nonprofit programs and projects. I’ve worked for and with organizations of all kinds and all sizes–from world-class orchestras to all volunteer organizations. I’ve managed multi-million dollar budgets and projects with no money at all. I’ve worked on local projects and coordinated efforts between people living all over the country.
  2. I have 5 years experience recruiting, managing, and motivating volunteers. I get how working with volunteers is different than working with staff. I know how to connect volunteers to projects in a way that inspires them to do their best work, and reminds them of why they love the project for which they have volunteered.
  3. I (really) like people–All kinds of people with all kinds of experiences. More importantly, people like me. That means I’m able to build relationships not only with CEOs and major donors, but also with volunteers, audience members, clients, and the person who waters your plants. My genuine respect and admiration for all of the people and skills it takes to make a project happen means that everyone I work with knows how vital a role they play in our shared success.
  4. Because of the strong focus on organizational leadership in my MFA program, and my experience facilitating consensus based groups, I am able to listen deeply, and help people communicate their needs and interests in ways they didn’t know were possible. In this way, I help seemingly “stuck” groups find creative solutions that meet the needs of all parties involved.
  5. I’m not psychic, but I’ve been doing this work long enough that I’ve developed a freakish ability to foresee, and avoid, the inevitable and unexpected problems that occur in every project.
  6. Like every project manager, I like plans. I develop them, and use them as a way to keep my team moving in the same direction. I’ve also been doing this work long enough that I’ve learned to be incredibly flexible. Projects are dynamic, so even the best plans can only guide work toward the final objective.
  7. In addition to my project management skills, hiring me means adding bonus skills to your team. I’m an experienced copywriter, internet genius and novice graphic designer. I’m happy to pitch in with those skills as needed to make your project a success.
  8. I’ve worked in and with nonprofits my entire career, which means I have 15 years experience finding creative ways to stretch a budget. It also means I’m able and willing to do everything from making presentations to major donors to cleaning toilets in order to get the job done.

Project Management Packages

All projects (and project teams) are different, so a “one size fits all” management plan would be silly. To that end, I’ve developed three packages that cover the most common project management needs. If you don’t see a plan that will work for you, contact me to discuss a custom package.

Intro to Project Management–$200

I sure wish we had a plan. . .

If you have a highly motivated team, and a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, but no clue about how to get from where you are to where you want to be, this package is for you.

It’s also a great option if you are working with a novice project manager who could use some help getting started.

How it works:

We’ll discuss your project via phone and/or e-mail until I understand exactly what your project is, what your goals are, when you need to be finished, and what resources you have available. Then I’ll develop a step-by-step plan to help you get the job done.  Contact me to get started.

Standard Project Management–starting at $500 per month

I sure wish we had someone to coordinate our efforts

This is the right package for you if:

  • You have the time and people to complete your project, but need someone to coordinate your efforts and keep the project moving forward.
  • You need someone who can come in and pick up right where your last project manager left off.
  • You are starting a new project and need someone to help develop a plan and manage the process the first time through
  • Your project manager quit at an inopportune time, and you need someone to fill in while you hire someone new.

How it works

This is a contract position. Contact me to set up a time to talk about what you need and for how long. We’ll put together an agreement, sign it, and get right to work.

Extreme Project Management–starting at $1000 per month

I sure wish we’d started this project two weeks ago!

Projects don’t always go as smoothly as you’d like.   Sometimes, you fall hopelessly behind, or learn about a huge opportunity a week before the deadline.  If that’s where you find yourself, this is the package for you.

I’ve been where you are and while I can’t always move mountains, I’ve worked my share of miracles.

Call me to see if I can help pull you and your project out of the fire.

How it works:

Call me and tell me your story. If I can help, we’ll sign a contract and get going right away.  This plan works basically the same as the project manager one–except that we do the same amount of work in half the time.

Flex Plans

otherwise known as hourly rates

If you have a small project, or if you have  a full-time project manager (volunteer or staff) who just needs a little extra help, hourly support is a good alternative to buying a full package.

As Needed:

If you just need a little help here or there, I’m happy to work with you as needed at the hourly rate of $70 per hour.

On Retainer:

If you expect to need more than one hour of help each month, this plan is for you.

A retainer of $100 per month buys you up to 3 hours project management support.  If you need extra hours you can add them as needed at $50 per hour.

2 reasons NOT to hire me for your project

in the spirit of full disclosure

I am an amazing addition to a lot of projects–but not all of them. If you see yourself or your projects in any of the following, I’m probably not your girl.

Ongoing Projects

If your project requires year-round planning or more than 20 hours of work per week, I won’t be able to give you  the attention you need long-term.  If you just need someone to fill in while you look for a full or part-time employee, I’m happy to help.

Technical Projects

I’ve managed a lot of programs and projects–from organizational development retreats for orchestras to battling robot competitions, but if you need a project manager with deep domain experience (and that domain is not theatre, leadership development, consensus based decision making, or online communication/social media) I’m probably not a good choice.

In other words, I’m exactly the wrong person to manage your DoD contract or software development project.

I’m also not a licensed social worker or nurse, so if you need someone who can do clinical work as well as manage the administrative duties, I’m afraid I can’t help.

Did I miss anything?

If you have a question I didn’t answer, or aren’t sure if I’m the right choice for your project, contact me by e-mail or phone.  I’m happy to chat (for free) to determine if we are a good fit.  I can’t wait to talk to you!

One thought on “Project Management

  1. […] This lesson doesn’t apply to Kickstarter directly, but after helping Mach 30 launch its first campaign, and managing the process of securing our 501(c)3 status, I noticed the main difference between the projects that built momentum and the ones that lose steam was that the successful projects had someone dedicated to managing the work flow and keeping participants motivated.  I also remembered, that I am an amazing project manager. […]

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