Social Media is not about Technology

If there was one social media “truth” I could secretly implant into the brains of every nonprofit leader reading this blog, that would be it.

Yes, virtual relationships take a bit of getting used to.  Yes,  there is some new vocabulary.  And yes, there are different buttons to push– but the hard part?  Nonprofits and Local Businesses already have that part down:

Now that it’s clear social media isn’t a fad, “big” businesses are learning how to “listen” to their customers, “open two-way communication channels” and demonstrate that they “care” through their new social media strategies.

Local business owners are working really hard not to roll their eyes.

The same can be said of nonprofits–and so the same advantages can apply.   Check out the rest of the article about social media and local business at Handshake 2.0, and then come back and share your thoughts how the advice does (and does not) translate to your work as a nonprofit leader.

One thought on “Social Media is not about Technology

  1. I think that’s entirely valid – as soon as you get your head around social media being a way to interact, connect and communicate the technology piece becomes a non-issue. You don’t need to understand how a car works to drive one and the same logic applies. Contact is key…

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